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Experience Six of the Best Golf Courses in Savannah, GA at The Landings Golf & Athletic Club

There’s something undeniably exciting about making a “best of” list. To receive accolades for hard work is always welcome recognition. But what makes anything “among the best”? 

It’s not facts and figures. The Landings Golf & Athletic Club has six 18-hole private championship golf courses, each designed by a master. That’s amazing, of course, but it’s still not what places us among the best. 

What does? The Georgia golf experience. 

The best golf experience in Savannah, Georgia 

Memories are forged by experience, after all. It’s a complex process influenced by a wide variety of factors, including our emotions, but driven largely by what we actually do. We know you’re more likely to remember a great round of golf with friends than the original design of the course you played it on.  

What makes a great golf experience? There are several factors: 

1. The quality of the golf course 

You may not remember every detail of a well-designed course, but those details impact your overall experience just the same. Most avid golfers turn their attention to the greens. According to a 2020 report from the American Society of Golf Course Architects, an overwhelming number of golfers – 97% – said green quality was among the top three things they look for in a course. Course condition was a close second. 

2. The right weather conditions  

Die-hard golfers will hit the links regardless of the season if the weather allows. Ideal conditions, though? Most golfers will choose cooler temps with low humidity and no wind. PGA Tour meteorologist Stewart Williams goes a step further, declaring sunny skies with temps with lows in the upper 50s and highs in the upper 70s the best condition for golf.  

That’s Savannah, Ga., weather almost to a tee. Average annual temps run in the mid-60s with around 216 sunny days a year – above the U.S. average. It can get a bit windy in Savannah, but with average speeds barely topping 7 miles an hour, the weather is something any experienced golfer can handle. 

3. The perfect pace 

Everyone knows there are tee times for a reason. A great game of golf moves at just the right speed, never overtaking the players in front or holding up the golfers behind. 

Pace of play goes beyond common courtesy, too. Players at all levels often do their best when they can fall into a rhythm. A foursome that moves too slowly can disrupt the rhythm of the players behind them. That disruption can quickly turn a positive experience into a negative one. 

4. Playing with the proper equipment  

There’s no substituting for the best equipment available. Properly fitted golf clubs and comfortable golf shoes are musts for any serious player. Scheduling periodic club fittings help ensure golfers are playing with the best equipment available. Many fittings also reveal that a complete equipment upgrade is unnecessary. Tiny tweaks to the weighting or angle of a club can make it the perfect match for your game. 

5. Enjoying excellent customer service 

Great experiences are all about avoidable distractions and excellent service, including well-maintained carts, spotless restrooms and easily accessible and widely available practice areas make all the difference. In fact, Rich Obertots, once a CEO and now retired and working as a cart attendant, told Golf Course Industry that cart attendants are a course’s first point of contact – “the point person” and a golfer’s first impression of the service she’ll receive when on the links. 

More and more, the best golf experience begins with the women and men who take care of the course – and the golfer – while the sun is up and the course is open.    

6. The course’s backdrop 

The famous quip “golf is a good walk spoiled” only works when the walk alone is amazing. Many golfers enjoy playing on courses with scenic views, whether it be mountains, oceans, or other beautiful landscapes. Who doesn’t spend as much time staring at the beauty of Augusta National Golf Club when watching on TV? 

It’s no different at The Landings. Each course at The Landings Golf & Athletic Club is as stunning as Augusta and as painstakingly designed as Peachtree. Set against a stunning backdrop of stately hardwood forests, unspoiled saltwater marshes and pristine tidal creeks, all six courses are designated as “Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries” by Audubon International, offering challenging play for golfers of all skill levels – all within one cart ride away.  

7. Good food and drink 

There’s nothing like the 19th Hole, and almost any golf experience wouldn’t be complete with post-round drink at the clubhouse. The reason, of course, is the bond golfers forge after the game is over. We offer unique, hand-crafted culinary creations, ranging from casual bites and pub food to fine dining, for whatever experience our golf members choose.  

Golfing at The Landings Golf & Athletic Club is an experience like no other. Learn more about becoming a member and experience it for yourself. 

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