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Who Needs a Golf Club Fitting

With all of our new golf technology and fitting resources at the Landings Golf Performance Center, we are prepared to help with all club fitting needs. Many members are asking us whether or not a club fitting is necessary for their game. Do you need a club fitting? Are you aware of how club fittings can help your golf game? Let’s take a deeper look.

Golf club fitting at the Golf Performance Center.

Who Can Benefit From A Golf Club Fitting?

The common understanding is that any golfer ready to upgrade their golf clubs should get fitted. This is true, but it’s only part of the story.

There are a multitude of reasons to get a golf club fitting. Some of these reasons will be based on how great of a player you are, but some have nothing to do with skill.

Here are the golfers that can benefit from a club fitting:

The Beginner

The beginner golfer has yet to learn what golf clubs would be best for their game. Beginner golf sets are geared toward slower-swinging players that need lots of forgiveness and assistance with turf interaction.

However, not all beginners need this! Some beginners have lots of clubhead speed and need stiffer clubs; others are taller than average and require a longer shaft.

One thing almost all beginners have in common is the feeling of being overwhelmed. That’s what professional club fitters can help with the most. Narrowing down thousands of club choices into two or three solid options is an art!

The Avid Golfers

Avid golfers spend more time on the golf course than anywhere else. These players dedicate so much time to the game that it only makes sense to have the proper golf clubs in the bag.

Avid golfers should be scheduling periodic club fittings to ensure they have the best equipment in their hands. Golf manufacturers change their product lineups every year. There is no shortage of new equipment to try.

One of the great things about a golf club fitting is that the findings often show that a complete upgrade is not even necessary. Sometimes a tiny tweak to the weighting or angle of a current club makes it the perfect match for your game.

The Recreational Golfer

Even though avid golfers say they are playing the game for fun, we know better; they are out there to go low. Recreational golfers genuinely want to have fun. This player goes out there to try and get some shots up in the air, make a few putts, and enjoy the company of friends and family.

A golf club fitting sometimes seems intimidating or unnecessary for golfers in this category.

However, that is entirely untrue.

If you want more fun on the golf course, put the right equipment in your hands!

We understand that score may not matter all that much to you, but isn’t it fun to keep the drive up in the air an extra ten yards or to be able to carry your ball over a water hazard? Recreational golfers can schedule a club fitting to take advantage of some of the best forgiving technology on the market.

The Low Handicap Golfer

Low handicap golfers are those that probably have a good idea as to what equipment has hit the market in 2022. In addition, these players know which of their clubs are starting to age and which ones may keep their place in the bag for a few more years.

It takes time and energy to be a low-handicap golfer. Researching, understanding, and studying all of the latest shaft and clubhead combinations on the market may be too time consuming for the low handicap player.

Instead, consider a club fitting more of a yearly (or bi-annual) tune-up of your equipment. Check to see if tweaks can be made to certain shafts, look for any loft gapping issues, and see if changes in your game or the market would make a new addition to the bag worthwhile.

Final Thoughts
Club fitting sessions are not just for those that need to replace all of their clubs, and they are certainly not just for the best players. Without our golf equipment, where would we be? The industry has proven that the equipment we use matters. At The Landings Golf & Athletic Club Golf Performance Center, we have the technology to show you the impact equipment has on your game; come and see for yourself and play a round or two at Georgia’s best golf courses.

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