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Boating Dreams Set Sail at The Landings

Picture yourself out on the Atlantic, living the island lifestyle to the fullest as your boat cuts cleanly through the water. Quite an image – and one that can come true at The Landings, even if you don’t own a boat. Here are a few ways to jibe out to sea:

The Landings Sailing Club

What’s your speed when you think of sailing? Is that ocean breeze soft as you sunbathe on deck, or is it whipping along the sail as you pull hard at the stern? Whatever your speed, The Landings Sailing Club is the perfect group for you! This fleet of boats is owned by The Landings Association and includes Rhodes 19s and J24s. For a monthly fee of $65, which goes into maintenance for the vessels, you can try your hand at captaining on of these amazing crafts.

Beginner sessions with one of our experienced skippers are available, as well. Once you’ve learned the ropes (quite literally), get ready to set sail whenever you want to. The Landings hosts the occasional regatta, or head out with friends and family recreationally. No matter your level of experience, renting a sailboat for fun is something you’ll never want to live without. Simply join the Sailing Club and come down to the Delegal Marina or The Landings Harbor.

Landings Carefree Boat Club

Another great option if you don’t own a boat and don’t plan to take the plunge in buying one is the Carefree Boat Club. For a small membership fee, you can enjoy a variety of boats and learn on the water instruction by skilled teachers. An online reservation system makes it easy to choose the day, time and boat that best fits your plans. And there’s no need to worry about the expense of a boat, slip fee, insurance, maintenance and all the other burdens that come with boat ownership.

The Carefree Boat Club is located at the Delegal Marina and includes floating docks, a meeting pavilion and a sunset room. Short cruises are available to the Barrier Islands as well as local beaches and restaurants on the many nearby rivers and creeks. For more information please call 912-666-7189 or visit their website.

Kayak Rentals

Sailing can be complicated for some, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting out on the water. Rent a kayak at the Delegal Creek Marina and explore the waterways of Skidaway Island. Take your time and see if what local birds you can find chirping peacefully along the Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge.

Single kayaks start at $12 dollars hourly, and double kayaks start at $15 hourly. Group rentals are available, too.

Whether you want to get out on the water for the afternoon or have always wanted to master the art of sailing, we can make it happen!

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