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Landings Women’s Golf Association – January Update!

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Well, there’s no golf news to report because the weather forced us all inside to hone our bridge or Mahjong game and binge watch Season Two of The Crown. So, I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Holly and I was recently diagnosed with New Neighbors Syndrome (NNS), which explains how I became the LWGA’s 2018 publicity chair and why I will be writing regular golf articles for TWATL.

Most of you will recognize the NNS symptoms. First, there’s the euphoria of having six golf courses with mesmerizing views that you can now play every day!

Then the memory loss strikes at the NN Cabana Bar Happy Hour. You forget what you did for a living for the past 40 years, but, it’s okay because nobody really cares anymore. You think you are at your favorite college bar (The Willows in Bonnet Shores, R.I.) But, in reality, that gray-haired guy next to you is your husband of 38 years and you are holding a civilized (albeit stiff) Ketel One & Tonic instead of a watery beer from a $1.50 pitcher.

And, newbies like me experience the compulsion to say, “yes!” to everything: LWGA 18, NN 18, Sunday couples golf, Mahjong, historic tours, etc. So that’s how I ended up in this gig.

I truly look forward to reporting LWGA news and sharing the stories of the passionate golfers and dedicated volunteers who make our league the largest women’s golf association among private clubs in the country.

The LWGA was a major factor in our decision to make The Landings our home, along with its deep sense of community. We toured a dozen communities over the past decade and heard the same story. Asked about the ladies’ 18-hole league, the club pro would say 3 or 4 ladies foursomes play on Wednesday. My husband looked horrified because this meant he would have to play Sunday couples golf with me on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
At The Landings, one pro politely told me, “Ma’am, If you can’t find a game here, you can’t find a game anywhere.”

And, he was right. A strong women’s golf program speaks volumes about the character of a community. It means women are valued members (versus B members) and play an important role in the club and the overall governance of the community.

It’s an incredible feeling on Tuesdays to see 80 to 100 women ready to tee off, compete and above all, have fun. Over four hours, stories are shared, great golf shots are made, balls are lost and friendships are forged. Come join us!

How to Join LWGA:
Membership is open to any female golfer with an established 18-hole index of 32.9 or 9-hole index of 16.4 and has the appropriate club level membership. You can download an application from www.lwga.net or contact Marianne Kosiewicz at 434-806-2027.

Important Dates:

  • February 20: LWGA Scramble, General Meeting & Luncheon
  • March 20 and 21: LWGA Member/Member

Website: https://www.lwga.net

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