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Skidaway Farms


Skidaway Farms is a community garden, open to residents of Skidaway Island since 2011. The Farm rents plots and raised garden beds on an annual basis for the purpose of growing fruit, vegetables and flowers.

About Skidaway Farms

skidaway farms

Situated on over 2 acres, the farm has 200 10×20 plots and 20 raised beds, with sections designated for conventional and organic gardening. There is also a communal herb and flower garden, plus beehives that produce honey and assist in the pollination of the vegetable blossoms.

Field Trips, Seminars, and Programs

skidaway farms
The farm holds frequent seminars and outings for local schools and gardening organizations during which experienced farmers offer advice and insight into the world of farming.

Skidaway Farms also offers a Children’s Garden Program which provides youngsters the opportunity to experience the day to day operations of farming while learning to grow their own vegetables and reap the tasty rewards, all under the guidance of experienced farmers.

Learn more about Skidaway Farms, HERE

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