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The State of Real Estate at The Landings

We invite all Landings residents to join us on Monday, November 18th at 7pm at the Palmetto Club Ballroom for our State of Real Estate at The Landings, presented by Raoul Rushin, President of The Landings Company.

Raoul will provide an exciting real estate marketing and sales update for our entire community. We will cover important topics such as property sales results for 2019, and the many successes and opportunities we’ve enjoyed over the last year.

Some of the specific items Raoul will be addressing are:

  • Why does the Company exist?
  • Why and how we do we promote The Landings and our property here?
  • Who is our target buyer?
  • What have the results been?
  • How is Landings real estate performing this year?
  • How is our Company team performing?
  • What are some of the real estate/market challenges we face?
  • What are the facts vs. the myths?

Plus, there will be plenty of time for Raoul to answer your questions as well. All Landings residents are welcome to attend. We look forward to seeing you Monday night!

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