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The Real Estate Rush

Right now, the housing market at The Landings is pretty intense. Compared to last year, huge increases in sales and decreases in inventory show one thing—houses at The Landings are selling fast.

Realtors across the country, and here at The Landings Company, are using every tool available in this unprecedented market, and many sellers have taken advantage of the buying surge.

On March 31, only 15 homes were listed in MLS, and each had roughly 35 showings in March. Realtors, regardless of the listing firm, were showing homes to new buyers at a rate of more than once per day.

Sometimes, a seller doesn’t want that kind of extreme traffic coming through their home. The Marketing strategy that is then used can be easily misunderstood as “pocket listings,” where the property is never advertised or entered into an MLS. But in the case of The Landings Company, they use a National Association of Realtors, Georgia Real Estate Commission, and Savannah MLS sanctioned practice called an Office Exclusive Listing.

In an Office Exclusive Listing, forms are provided to the listing firm when a seller’s situation makes this approach the most logical for the seller. This is completely at their own discretion, and only utilized when they have executed a disclosure form clearly outlining that their home won’t be marketed in the MLS.

The listing firm must then notify the Savannah MLS of the Office Exclusive listing within two days and send them the seller disclosure. The seller can then decide to have the firm enter their home in the MLS at any point during the listing period, or at closing. In the Landings Company’s case, the seller nearly always allows us to enter their home after the sale is finalized. This way, everyone can access the closing record.

In today’s market, only about 15-20% of Landings Company sales choose to list in this way. It seems to work well for sellers—the overall average home value this year is nearly 10% higher for The Landings Company than all other firms combined.

Many homes are selling within hours of execution of listing agreements—whether through an Office Exclusive Listing or a typical MLS sale.

If you have any questions about the market, Office Exclusive Listings, or anything related to real estate at The Landings, email The Landings Company President, Raoul Rushin, at Raoul@thelandings.com

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