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Six Matchmaking Tips That Could Help Sell Your Home

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and Spring on the horizon, it’s hard to believe the season for matchmaking is almost here. But there’s a different kind of matchmaking that we do here at The Landings Company.

We’re talking about matching prospective home buyers with sellers. Realtors® really are matchmakers for your home. Real estate pros are always on the clock, eyes peeled, and ears perked, searching for their client’s perfect match, and working hard to make sure their clients homes present in the very best way.

Matchmakers coach interpersonal skills, teach dating etiquette, and offer fashion advice to make their clients shine. That’s not so different from Realtors guiding sellers through the market, offering staging advice, and providing stress relief by sweating the details for their clients.

Here are six simple tips to help find a “match” for your home.

1. Find the right “Matchmaker”

When people decide to partner with a matchmaker, they want someone who understands who they are. The same goes for choosing your Realtor. Beyond experience, the best agents are honest, personable, and proactive. They’re also knowledgeable. Great agents know both the market and the nuances of the community they call home.

2. Get ready to meet your match

Prepping your home to sell often requires some level of freshening things up. Paint your colorful walls a neutral color, store your eclectic artwork, and consider investing in kitchen and bathroom projects that will attract homebuyers, like updated cabinets in the kitchen and a double vanity in the primary suite’s bath. Your Realtor is there to assist, consult and make the preparation as simple as possible.

3. Show buyers how to live in your home

Staging is all about making a home look its absolute best — as close to a perfect 10 as possible. Your agent will work with you to ensure your home’s furnishings and décor are on point! This allows potential buyers to paint a picture in their minds of how your house could be their home.

4. A picture, or video, is worth a thousand words

Now that your home is set to go, you’ll need a professional photographer and/or videographer to capture your home’s true beauty. They will light and frame a room in a way that helps you tell your house’s story. Is it open and airy? Warm and cozy? The photographer will bring those qualities to life.

5. Trust the process

When selling your home, the more you worry about how many bids you have – or haven’t – received from your most recent showings, the more stress you’ll create. Learn to be comfortable with the process and trust that your Realtor is doing everything she/he can to attract the perfect buyer.

6. Listen to your professional

Like matchmakers, your real estate agent has tons of experience in the field. They know what works, what might, and what doesn’t. Choose the right agent and trust the advice they share with you. This ensures you’ll meet the right buyer, and the perfect match will be made.

Looking for a Savannah real estate agent, or thinking of selling your Savannah home? Let The Landings Company Realtors®, help you find your perfect match.

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