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Swing Catalyst: Can It Help You?

The Swing Catalyst Dual Force plates are an important tool in the Golf Performance Center. For some golfers that don’t fully understand how far golf video analysis software has come, it may be a bit overwhelming to take in just how helpful a tool like the Swing Catalyst can be. Let’s look at exactly what the Swing Catalyst is and how it can change your golf game.

Male golfer taking a swing using Swing Catalyst.

What Is The Swing Catalyst?

Swing Catalyst is a golf swing video analysis software used by the top teachers in the game of golf. With the Swing Catalyst, there is a lot of information to digest. Unlike other video analysis software that focuses only on the physical golf swing, Swing Catalyst incorporates science, motion, and forces into its results.

With the Swing Catalyst system, you can use video and launch monitor technology to get essential data about a golf swing. However, the Swing Catalyst Dual Force Place (which we have at the Landings!) takes this information to the next level.

What Is The Swing Catalyst Dual Force Plate?
The Swing Catalyst Dual Force Plate can inform golfers how the left and right feet perform in the swing. Essentially you can measure things like vertical force, torque, and horizontal shear forces. These can be analyzed for each foot as the data is collected separately with the dual plates.

What does this Mean for Members?

More efficient golf swings and more power.

Hitting golf shots while standing on the Dual Force Plates will feel no different than standing on a traditional golf mat. However, when you synchronize the information collected from the plates with high-speed video images and data, the Swing Catalyst software can reach the root cause of swing issues considerably faster.

Another feature we love about the Dual Force Plate is how it provides a visual image for golfers to see exactly where they are doing things correctly in their swing and where they need more work. For visual learners, this is a home run.

Video display graphic of a golfer's swing using Swing Catalyst.

Who Will Benefit From The Swing Catalyst?
One of the things that have been so exciting to see about the technology and data that the Swing Catalyst has given us is the wide range of players that need this information. It does not matter the current state of your golf game; there is data here that you will benefit from.

Everyone from a 25 handicapper trying to get more distance to a scratch golfer looking to square up the clubface a bit more consistently.

Every golfer needs to be able to stay balanced, properly shift their weight, create torque, and understand the importance of that connection between you and the ground.

Visual read out of a golfer's swing using Swing Catalyst.

Final Thoughts
Hopefully, you can now see why the Swing Catalyst is an important addition to our Golf Performance Center. If you’re a Club member and would like to try out this technology, schedule a lesson today and let us know if you are interested in working with the dual force plates. The information and data you get from your session could be a game changer.

If you’re not a member of our amazing golf course community in Georgia, review our membership categories, or request information about membership opportunities today.

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