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Golf and COVID-19

Although we recommend adhering to the social distancing guidelines, golf is arguably the safest sport to play during a pandemic. And we’re happy to let you know that golf is alive and well at The Landings. But we have taken some precautions and made some adaptations to keep our members and guests safe.

Group play is not recommended, but members are finding a solution by using separate carts to maintain the proper distance from one another.

While many things have shut down and we’re being told to stay indoors, being stuck inside can be extremely draining. Although it’s tempting to plant yourself on the couch and watch TV, it’s still important to remain physically and mentally active. And there aren’t many activities that can be done while keeping hundreds of yards between you and the nearest person. Golf is the exception. With temperatures warming up, we think golfing is a great way to seek some fresh air and get some exercise.

Four of our courses remain open, but we insist you practice safe behavior so they can stay that way. Playing a round alone can be a beautiful thing. It’s a great way to clear your mind and focus on the sport you love, competing with no one but yourself. You can work on your game at your own pace, avoid all other distractions, and even kick that ball out of the rough if you have to. No one will see.

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