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Workers are Leaving Big Cities for Open Spaces

COVID-19, and in turn, quarantine, has changed the daily lives of many, and most affected are those who live in densely populated cities. City dwellers have been forced inside smaller homes with less room to roam and fewer public spaces to explore­­––at least not without breaking social distance.

With many public spaces closed, remote working as the new norm, and no predictable end in sight, city living simply doesn’t seem worth it. So, for many, the solution has been to skip town and find fresher air. In fact, according to data from Cuebiq, people are relocating at twice the normal pace.

The Washington Post wrote that “For a large swath of people in the country’s most expensive cities, it’s a way to get more living space and be closer to nature, something increasingly made possible by the growing trend of remote work.”

And for some, The Landings has been chosen as the perfect place to escape the rush and reconnect with nature, family and community. Our premier gated community is a safe and peaceful place for families of all ages who want to live a fulfilled, active lifestyle. Our residents agree that it’s the best place to live and to retire in the Southeast, and it’s easy to see why.

Here, the masks can come off in open green spaces, on wilderness trails and even on the golf course. Human connection is still valuable and necessary, but right now not many places can safely provide it. At The Landings, residents have rallied together to stay safe and support the community––but beyond getting a little more sun, not too much has changed. And making the move doesn’t have to mean completely abandoning city life. Beautiful, historic Savannah is just a stone’s throw away.

As work becomes less tied to the office, waiting until retirement to make the move you’ve always dreamed of isn’t necessary. Browse our charming island homes for sale to find the one that’s right for your family. Or schedule a Discovery Visit today to see all that our special community has to offer.

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