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Connecting Mind, Body and Community Across 30+ Miles of Biking and Walking Trails

We all know walking and biking are some of the best exercises around. They are low cost, low impact, you can do them at any time and right outside your back door – so there’s no excuse not to get your workout in if you don’t feel like driving to the gym. 

But did you know that communities like The Landings, which encourage physical activity by making walking and biking trails available, often see a significant increase in overall public health and wellness? 

Let’s get our blood pumping and discover why living in a luxury gated community with 30+ miles of manicured walking and biking trails (and green spaces!) is so beneficial to your health. 

Physical benefits 

In general, it is recommended that adults get about 150 minutes of aerobic exercise each week, according to the Cleveland Clinic, and walking or biking – or both! – can contribute to that two-and-half-hour workout.  

Plus, trail-based activities offer many health benefits including improved cholesterol levels and protection against chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. 

In addition, walking is considered a “weight-bearing” exercise, which means your bones support your weight against gravity. This movement can help slow bone loss (osteoporosis) and potentially build bone in the long term. 

Experts say that brisk walking (3 to 4 mph) is considered good for bone health, along with other weight-bearing exercises such as jogging, running and dancing. 

Biking is not considered “weight-bearing” but does have added cardio benefits. 

Mental benefits 

Outdoor exercise also can improve mood, restore attention, and decrease anger, depression and stress. 

Nature acts as a powerful stress reliever. Just a few minutes spent outdoors can regulate the sympathetic nervous system, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.  

Walking and cycling release endorphins or “feel good” hormones. Fresh air, natural surroundings and physical activity contribute to improved mood, reduced anxiety and increased self-esteem. Whether you’re exploring a trail or cycling through a park, being outdoors positively impacts your mental state. 

In addition, both walking and biking can be done with friends. According to the Mayo Clinic, strong friendships can improve mental health by providing emotional support, increased happiness (laughter is the best medicine!) and improved self-esteem. 

Some studies suggest that regular outdoor physical activity can improve sleep quality and help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, as well. 

Added benefits 

We often think about the physical and mental benefits of walking and biking, but there are some less-thought-about reasons to hit the trails on a regular basis. 

Reduce your carbon footprint: Walking or biking to your friend’s house on the other side of the community, instead of driving, can help burn fewer fossil fuels and generate fewer carbon emissions. 

Walking or biking can also help save money. Choosing to walk will save the money you’d otherwise spend on local transportation fees for driving services/taxis, commuter trains, and subways. Putting fewer miles on your car will save you gas and vehicle maintenance money. 

Community benefits 

In addition to the health and mental benefits of living in a community that sports miles and miles of pathways, property values also see a boost. 

According to the National Association of Home Builders, trails are one of the most desired community amenities homeowners seek when buying a home. 

Moreover, recent studies by the National Association of Realtors have shown that living near trails will likely raise property value an average of 3% to 5% and sometimes even as high as 15%. 

Morgan and Nora, residents who have lived at The Landings for five years, use the trails at least three times a day while walking their Golden Retriever, Daisy.  

“It’s a great way to meet people and make new friends, too. We are so lucky to live here with all this beauty around us …  in our very own neighborhood,” says Nora. 

With so much beauty around our vibrant island community, and the clear mental and physical benefits outside biking and walking provide, it’s easy to see why so many people take advantage of our boundless nature trails. 

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