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Resident Testimonial: Pam & Frank Schepis

Frank and I were first introduced to The Landings twenty-eight years ago when we brought our three boys to visit my parents who had happily retired here. Crossing over Moon River to the lush landscaping of the main gate was just as beautiful then as it is today. The only thing that has changed is that the bridge is much better!

In fact we have witnessed a lot of changes to The Landings over the years which have impressed us. We saw the fitness center built, expanded and continually upgraded which is a priority for us. And, according to Frank the golf courses have been improved over the years. I just graduated from the “Get Golf Ready” classes 1 and 2 so time will tell if that’s another improvement!

Over the years we have enjoyed dining at The Landings Clubhouses with my parents. To us, the properties have a casual elegance that is very inviting. I am sure that this does not happen by chance, but, rather, management is working very hard behind the scenes. We love the view and food at Deer Creek, the bar and hamburgers at Oakridge, the brunch at Palmetto. But, my mom and her friend dine at Marshwood every Saturday night to get their “hugs and kisses” from the waitstaff. And, in the summer they enjoy libations and food poolside with Tim at the Cabana Bar!

These are some of the reasons that we decided to move here in April after living in Pennsylvania for nineteen years. It was hard to leave our family who still reside in the northeast, but we are closer to my mom which is important to us. And, now when our sons come to visit they look forward to playing golf…almost as much as they used to look forward to the slide at Franklin Creek pool.

All the things that we used to do on our week’s vacation we now get to do year round. Golfing, biking, and the fitness center keep us really active. We have joined New Neighbors and Landlovers which have helped us make so many new friends. It is amazing and impressive the effort that Landings residents put forth to make new residents feel welcome. And, we just happened to move to one of the most socially active and friendly streets in The Landings.

But, aren’t they all?!

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