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What Are Luxury Senior Living Communities, and How Do You Choose the One That’s Best for You?

It’s hard to believe, but we’re all retiring later in life, even though Americans under age 40 hope to retire before age 60. Most people, though, retire at 65 or later, and those who have tend to explore new careers. In other words, “retirement” isn’t what it used to be.

For that reason, fewer people are searching for a place to retire and are instead seeking out luxury senior living communities. These communities are designed for older adults who want to enjoy their “second act” in a welcoming environment where they can form friendships and live an active, adventurous lifestyle with world-class amenities.

What are luxury senior living communities?

Senior living luxury communities combine upscale housing options with resort-style amenities. They may offer world-class golf courses and tennis courts along with state-of-the-art fitness facilities and fitness classes to promote health and well-being, as well as dining venues that include on-site restaurants offering gourmet meals prepared by professional chefs.

They often are focused on providing social and recreational activities to foster friendships, social connections, and engagement. Many have social and hobby groups as well as organized events and cultural activities.

Housing options in luxury senior living communities can range from spacious single-family homes to elegant condominiums or apartments with high-quality finishes and luxurious features such as gourmet kitchens with modern appliances, high-end fixtures, and private patios or balconies.

Often they are located amidst breathtaking landscapes with scenic views. In the Savannah area, for example, they may have gorgeous views of golf courses, lagoons, tidal sea marshes, or richly wooded views of oaks, pines, and palms. These communities often have gated entrances for additional privacy and security, and are located in climates that make it possible to enjoy outdoor activities like golf and tennis year-round. In addition to the beautiful homes, the communities themselves are thoughtfully landscaped and luxurious, some with lush green spaces along beautiful waterways.

Living options in luxury communities

Two good examples of the wide spectrum of luxury communities available are The Landings and The Marshes, both of which are located on Skidaway Island in Savannah, GA. The Landings is a multi-generational luxury community populated by young families, mid-career professionals, and retirees who want to enjoy a vibrant lifestyle – and a world-class golf club. The Marshes is a Life Plan Community consisting of independent living residences, as well as continuing care such as assisted living, skilled nursing and rehab services all on one campus, to accommodate residents as their health needs change over time.

Your luxury community checklist

As you explore these communities – or others – here are 11 questions to ask to help you decide which place will best help you achieve the lifestyle you are looking for:

  • What is the overall ambiance and atmosphere of the community? Does it feel like somewhere special? Does it feel like home?
  • Are the people you meet warm and welcoming? Are there ample opportunities to meet and connect with your neighbors, develop new friendships, and enjoy a rich mixture of social events? Is there a robust calendar of activities and events?
  • What types of housing options are available? Are there homes both for sale and for rent, and are they spacious and well-appointed?
  • How does the community encourage and support an active and healthy lifestyle? Are there golf courses, tennis courts, fitness centers, wellness programs, and access to outdoor recreational areas like nature trails and jogging paths?
  • What is the dining experience like? Are there multiple dining venues and menus that cater to different dietary preferences?
  • Where is the community located? Does it offer convenient access to amenities like shopping centers, healthcare facilities, or cultural attractions?
  • Does the community welcome family members and encourage their active participation in the residents’ lives? Does it offer fun and healthy ways to spoil the grandkids?
  • What are the policies regarding pets? Are they allowed, and if so, what are the guidelines and amenities provided for them? Does the community have a dog park?
  • How does the community prioritize safety and security? Are there security measures in place, such as secure entry systems or surveillance cameras at the entrances to offer residents peace of mind?
  • Can you speak with current residents or their families to gain insights into their experiences and see how happy they are with the community?

If you are considering luxury senior living during your “second act,” contemplating your options can be exciting and invigorating. Because there are so many great choices, you are sure to find the place that’s right for you and where you will feel right at home.

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