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Resident Testimonial: Jim Guerard

When Jim Guerard went on his Discovery Visit to The Landings, it wasn’t just the amenity package that sold Jim on The Landings on Skidaway Island.

“What makes The Landings stand out is the people. It’s not specifically a retirement community—you’ve got lots of families here, families with children and young people, says Guerard.

As a former executive with the software company Adobe, Jim was living a fast-paced lifestyle in the Bay Area of California – when he wasn’t shuffling from airplane to airplane for weeks at a time.

“After 25 years in California I knew I didn’t want to deal with the winter, so I focused on the Southeast, specifically the Carolinas, Virginia, and Georgia,“ Guerard explained.

Following extensive online research, Jim had narrowed his list of potential communities down to 6 and began taking discovery visits to experience what each community had to offer first hand. Along with climate, Jim had a short list of criteria that if met, would lead him to his ideal community.

“Some of the things that stood out the most about The Landings were the size of the community, the range and diversity of amenities, and proximity to a city with lots of culture and restaurants,” said Guerard.

It didn’t take long into his Discovery Visit before Jim realized that The Landings had all that and more.

“Because of the size of the community, you’ve got this amazing range of amenities, but you also have all these clubs and activities like the photography club and the art association, revealed Guerard. “There are all these different things that you can be a part of and foster as a part of this community.”

Thanks to The Landings Club’s expansive amenity package and over 100 neighborhood groups, Jim has developed some new hobbies like boating with the Carefree Boating Club, rekindled his golf game, and furthered his passion for photography.

An avid photographer, Jim has the native wildlife of Skidaway Island to thank for inspiring his introduction to wildlife photography. “Living on the island had a huge impact on my photography, said Jim. “Up until I moved here, I had only done landscapes, the wildlife like the osprey and eagles inspired me.”

If you find yourself curious about life at The Landings, we encourage you to schedule a Discovery Visit. Explore the Club’s 6 distinct golf courses, dine in one of our 4 Clubhouses, take a boat tour of the island and get to know our wonderful residents and members just like Jim!

Don’t just take it from us either, as a former Discovery Visitor Jim has one piece of advice for you, “Take a Discovery Tour. There is no way you can really get a feel for this place without experiencing everything the community has to offer firsthand.”

You can see more of Jim’s work, HERE

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