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Mixed Media Artwork Exhibit, Colors of the Island by Elizabeth Slocum at The Landings

The colors of Skidaway are vibrant in the artwork of Elizabeth Slocum. Currently on display at The Landings Company through June 30, a wide array of mixed media subject matter is portrayed. Whether flora, fauna, birds, lizards or unusual tick-tock clocks, these pieces are sure to bring a smiling twinkle to the viewer’s eye.

Growing up in a family of artists in upstate New York, Elizabeth became aware at an early age of the mediums available. Whether pottery, mosaics, or sculpture she was never quite able to find her niche. Wanting a career in the creative field after college, she became an advertising/marketing account exec for media giant Hearst Corporation in New York. During this time she continued her love of art studying under accomplished artist Francois Neaton and honed several different skill sets. Eventually, she left her position at Hearst to move seventeen times to various places around the globe with her husband, Chip, who is in the energy business. Taking advantage of the varied cultures she encountered helped her focus on more specific areas within the art world. From owning an interior design/event planning flower shop to teaching stained glass classes, Elizabeth never veered far from the creative vein.

In 2010 she stumbled onto a form of mixed media art that she continues to mold and refine into a technique she can call her own. Using acrylics and oils to start backgrounds and then adding in custom papers, glass, metals, and natural fibers, she is able to design a piece of art that is filled with depth and texture. Each piece incorporates papers she either hand makes or purchases from Asian marketplaces on trips abroad. Then the one-of-a-kind piece is finished off with many layers of a sealant blend that she created through hours of experimentation.

Her tick-tock clocks are extremely popular incorporating antique clock parts, glass, and wood along with paint and paper. These custom pieces range in size from 8”x8” to 10’x15′. Elizabeth has exhibited her work mostly in cities on the East Coast and also has shown in private gatherings in Texas and Mexico. While her art could never fit into a traditional mold, borders sometimes on the abstract, it is always boldly innovative. Elizabeth may be contacted at bsartista@yahoo.com or 804-318-0066.

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