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New Year, New Sport

In 2022, we’re tossing aside fad diets and quick fixes, but it’s still a great idea to resolve to be healthy and active.

For many, that could just mean more time spent getting outside and playing a little pickleball.

As pickleball has exploded as a low-impact competitive sport, the Landings has embraced the hype. Pickleball has a huge following on Skidaway Island, apparent by the ever-growing league through the Landings Golf & Athletic Club.

Recently, Franklin Creek Sports Complex hosted the first ever Pickle-Palooza — and it’s sure to become an annual Landings event.

Pickle-Palooza was three hours of fun, games, and dink. Festivities included a dink tournament, an open-play Paddletek demo day, and pickleball-style beer pong. There was a great mix of newbies trying out the game and more experienced players competing and handing out tips.

New to Pickleball?

Try the Landings Golf & Athletic Club’s Pickleball 101 clinic for beginners. It covers everything from how to hold the paddle and score the game to instruction on how to serve and return the ball. Contact the FC Sports Complex at 912-598-3500 to find out more or to ask about open play times!

Or, schedule a Discovery Visit, where you’ll have full guest access to our Club.

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