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Staff Spotlight: Nicole Weller, Head Teaching Professional

Nicole Weller

The Landings Club on Skidaway Island has long been known as a destination for some of the finest golf in the Southeast; offering six distinct championship courses designed by PGA legends like Arnold Palmer and Tom Fazio, but they are not the only big names to have graced the Landings Club with their golf prowess. Nicole Weller, award-winning golf instructor has been serving as head teaching professional at The Landings Club since 2006.

U.S. Kids Master Teacher, Nicole Weller

A U.S. Kids Master Teacher with a storied career innovating the world of golf instruction, Nicole was the first professional to receive both the 2013 PGA and LPGA National Junior Golf Leader awards in the same year. As Head Teaching Professional at The Landings Club, Nicole has helped to coordinate a number of golf initiatives including starting a chapter of the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf program as well as coordinating a U.S. Kids Golf Instructor Certification seminar for U.S. Kids Golf at The Landings Club in December 2016 for 30 professionals.

Stick to Sports

Nicole is also the author of Stick to Sports: Let’s Play Golf, which is designed to teach kids the fundamentals of golf, as well as rules and manners, safety, terms, math skills, the game’s history, equipment, attire and more.

Weller’s extensive background and education in youth golf, sport psychology, golf fitness and competition gives Nicole a unique outlook on teaching the game of golf.

“While some [golf instructors] are hard-core swing mechanics and great with technique exploration, I love working with the mental and emotional aspects of the game, as well as the playing skills and how to practice,” says Nicole

Little Golf T.R.A.I.N

Little Golf T.R.A.I.N is a turnkey certification program that was created by Nicole along with Dr. Patricia Donnelly. The many unique ideas that the pair explored right here at The Landings helped to create a national platform to help other pros/facilities learn how to work with youngsters ages 2-5.

Nicole has received national acclaim from her work and has been asked to speak at multiple PGA National Youth Summits and will be speaking this summer at the national LPGA Teaching Summit. There she will share her experiences and expertise both learned and taught right here at The Landings!

Youth Golf at The Landings

Under the supervision of Mrs. Weller and with the help of former and current Youth Golf Leaders (currently PGA Professional Jim Sykes), the Junior Youth Golf program at The Landings Club has been expanded to include much more programming for ages 2-5, spring and fall play leagues (hosted by PGA Professional Vinny Diroff), PGA Junior League in the summer (Jim Sykes), Spring Youth & Family Kick-Off and Year-End Bash events, Tall & Small Tournaments (adult-child), Youth Academy (Jim Sykes), Drive Chip & put practice and hosted Sub-Regional events, Haunted Halloween & July 4th Inflatable Golfzilla and Shark challenges, holiday camps and and much more.

There is even a youth golf program dedicated to getting girls excited and involved in golf. “Our program is a chapter of the national LPGA*USGA Girls Golf program that is run by the LPGA, explained Nicole. “We started with maybe 6-8 girls and are now up to 20 on our roster, with girls ranging from age 6 to 16. Several of our women members from LWGA and our TLC community are wonderful volunteers and role models for our young lady golfers.

Lessons For All Skill Levels

Don’t worry parents, if you are unfamiliar with the game of golf, The Landings Club offers lessons and programs for all ages and abilities. “We even have a ‘Get Golf Ready Learn Golf in One Day’ program that is great for parents, either during the week or on a Saturday,” said Weller

Any membership level can participate in lessons and golf instruction programs at The Landings Club. There are also playing opportunities, so full golf members can do more than just come to take lessons at the practice facility.

Quick Tip

Nicole also encourages students to “Tee It Forward” to the appropriate teeing grounds based on driving distance and swing speed, as well as use the wonderful combination teeing ground options. Did you know that based on research, the average woman swings roughly 65 mph and plays best from courses that are roughly 4,000-4,200 yards? (Setting up Courses for Success manual by the PGA, This is perfect for the Skidaway-Forward Course Tees at all Landings Club courses – we strive to stay ‘up to par’ with the game’s forward progress.

The Landings Club Family

Nicole’s tenure at The Landings Club has paid off for more than just her students, she admits. “Being able to work in this amazing place that has a Landings Club family feel to it, and seeing returning grandchildren visit each year…hearing about how families are doing and progressing are some of the most rewarding parts of my job,” she says

Nicole Weller is a valued member of our Landings Club family, providing golfers of all ages with invaluable experiences, and world-class instruction. For more information on Nicole, or Stick to Sports please click HERE

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