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Why Savannah is a Top Retirement Destination


The charm of Savannah, Georgia is not lost on anyone lucky enough to walk her cobblestone streets. Teeming with historical significance at every turn, America’s first planned city attracts millions of visitors each year who come to experience her unique history and culture, sample her cuisine, or take part in Savannah’s many annual events like

The Savannah Music Festival Goes On


Savannah is well known for its music scene, and the Savannah Music Festival could be your chance to get a taste of Lowcountry life and enjoy a lineup of acclaimed classical, jazz, and American roots artists. Each year, the Savannah Music Festival presents world-class celebrations of the musical arts. They create timeless productions that stimulate

Welcome Home, Tech Workers


The Savannah Economic Development Authority has unveiled a new addition to their Creative Technology Incentive to draw workers into Savannah. The incentive will create new technology jobs and increased investment in Chatham County. Now, qualified tech workers who move to Chatham County can receive a relocation reimbursement up to $2,000. Previously, the incentive only applied

Savannah Is The City


Between our culture, food, film, airfare, tourism, architecture, and history, it is hard to tell what exactly it was that turned Savannah into the hotspot that it is today. But through city planning, economic development, and a host of new business and tourism opportunities – Savannah has become a place where more and more people