Residents of The Landings enjoy over 100 social and community-related organizations that are the foundation for lifelong friendships and fun on our island. Some organizations focus on philanthropic efforts, while others meet up for a round of golf, or a sail boat race—no matter your interests, you are sure to find an organization that is both rewarding and stimulating.

For those who enjoy the heartwarming feeling of giving back to your community, we have just the organization for you! The Landings Landlovers’ mission is to promote fellowship through social and cultural activities while working toward the continued improvement of community life at The Landings through its philanthropic efforts.

Landlovers members play an active role in a majority of the organizations around The Landings. Volunteers from the Landlovers coordinate and execute fundraising efforts that fund the plans and projects of many individuals and groups on our island, as well as social activities that provide residents the opportunity to connect with old friends, make new ones, and celebrate our many accomplishments.

“We are both a social and philanthropic organization, but I feel that it’s the philanthropic aspect that defines us”, says Landlovers President, Diane Thompson, “because we can raise such significant funds we are able to donate scholarships, merit awards, and a large portion of those funds go to grants to help improve our island.”

In 2016 alone, The Landings Landlovers’ were able to raise $15,455 in scholarship money, $54,347 in grants, and $1,200 to local churches for a grand total of $71,002. The money raised for grants will be used to fund everything from a marine debris education program for University of Georgia’s Marine Extension Program to repairs on bluebird houses throughout the island.

The Landlovers Scholarship Fund awards employees of The Landings and their family members who seek higher education with money that can be used for tuition, books and school supplies. In order to qualify, applicants must submit a letter outlining their academic career and future goals as well as undergo an interview with the Landlovers Scholarship Committee.

The Landings Landlovers philanthropic efforts are the foundation for the enrichment of the lives of all of our residents. Whether it’s a fundraiser or a social event, the Landlovers continue to strengthen the bond between our residents and the community.

Take a look at some of our Landlovers annual events below! Click on an event to learn more.


With so much going on around The Landings, the Landlovers are always looking for new volunteers! Want to get involved? Contact Diane Thompson at, or click HERE for more information